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Featured Book: Re-Runners First Life by Elli Buchanan

Re-RunnersFirstLifeIf you had the chance to go back and relive the last 25 years of your life, retaining all the knowledge and memories you have now; would you make different life choices?
Three very different people from different locations, die at the same moment in time and re-awaken at that moment, only it is 25 years earlier.
Two men and one woman are reborn in their young and healthy bodies, but their minds retain the memories of their previous lifetime.

Will the abused wife choose a different path?

Will the stockbroker choose a different wife?

Will the serial killer continue on his spree of murder?

Follow the journey of three Re-Runners; Kate, Dylan and Christian through this series of rediscovery, changing fates and finding each other.

Book Sample and Reviews for Re-Runners First Life Here

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Featured Book: The Nephilim Chronicles: The Rise of the fallen by HB Jackson

Nephilim-book-covers_jRimi is the most powerful Nephilim in creation and acts as the hand of God. When God needs something done on earth he calls Rimi. He is the head of God’s secret agency. He has one job, and that is to keep the world stable. He does it by any means necessary. 

Thousands of years ago before the great flood and after the war in heaven God assigned a group of angels know as watchers to watch over man kind. These watchers went rouge, fell to earth and began having sex with the women of earth. They created a race of rouge Nephilim who thought they were Gods. Because of this they were imprisoned. 

Fast forward to modern times Rimi discovers a plot by a one of the fallen angels in Hell to free the watchers from their long prison. Their plan is to use human souls to start a demon army so that they can remove Lucifer as the head of the Hell council. Rimi knows that this will start a civil war in Hell. The war would spill over to earth and turn earth onto another Hell. Guided by God and the arch angel Michael, Rimi assembles a team and goes all out to prevent the watchers from carrying out their plan.

“Some readers have the misconception that Christian fantasy novels will be staid and boring,” says Jackson, shaking his head. “It couldn’t be further from the truth, especially in this case! Early readers have remarked at how entertaining and evocative the book is, and how intriguing they found Rimi’s journey.”

Book Sample and Reviews for The Nephilim Chronicles: The Rise of the fallen Here

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Featured Book: Gray Panthers: Dixie by David Guenther

gray panthers dixie book cover

About Gray Panthers: Dixie by David Guenther

The army of senior warriors had repeatedly beaten back numerous attempted invasions of Earth. Planet Dixie has fallen to the Libra Alliance using Flem mercenaries. Scotty Scholl, Earth’s Ambassador is on the run. The population has been infected by a pandemic rendering the victims helpless against their invaders and deadly against their allies. The Gray Panthers along with U.S. Army Special Forces are repulsed with heavy casualties attacking the dug in invaders. Only the raider Beater, with its deadly squadron of captured fighters deep in enemy space is kicking butt. Now it’s time for the Gray Panthers to use their years of experience and advanced technology to take the fight to the enemy.

This Science Fiction book is available in both print and ebook formats.

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Overload Flux by Carol Van Natta

Overload_Flux_by_Carol_Van_Natta-Cover-Websafe312x500Science fiction, action, and romance. Someone is stealing the vaccine for a galaxy-wide pandemic. Forensic investigator Luka Foxe has a hidden mental talent that’s out of control, and Security specialist Mairwen Morganthur has hidden skills and enough secrets to drag a ship from orbit. To solve the case, they must follow a convoluted trail with corrupt pharma corporations, murderous mercenaries, sabotage, and deadly space battles. The body count is rising… their only hope for survival lies in trusting one another. Get your copy today and come along for a space opera ride!

Targeted Age Group:: 18-110

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
Overload Flux starts the Central Galactic Concordance series, a sprawling space opera about how our future civilization will handle evolutionary change. I grew up reading science fiction and fantasy, and loved Star Trek, Star Wars, Babylon 5, and Firefly. My muse’s home base is in science fiction, but it loves visiting romance, action-adventure, mystery, suspense, and the paranormal.

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Pigeon by Olga Werby

Pigeon_Book_Cover_400_Pixles_WidePigeon is eleven, homeless, and now an orphan. Alone and scared, he seeks to find a new family. But the past he barely remembers comes back to haunt him, endangering his newly-found friends, the Kikkert Family. Fortunately, the Kikkerts want to adopt Pigeon even if he is wanted by strange para-military DNA warriors. As they race through San Francisco to save each other, the true nature of Pigeon’s birth is revealed as well as the secret identity of Madame Toad—the matriarch of the Kikkert Family.

What does is mean to be human? What does it take to be a family? Pigeon is willing to risk his life to learn and to love.

Targeted Age Group:: Middle School/High School

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I wanted to write a story in which a grandmother can kick a** and act as a super hero. And I wanted to show that even the most vulnerable in our society — a homeless kid — can rise above their circumstances and demand love.
I also wanted to create a fully-illustrated story. Pigeon has dozens of black and white ink illustrations. It was fun to write and illustrate the book.

How is writing SciFi different from other genres?
There is freedom to speculate on the near and far future. Writing SciFi is exhilarating — what happens next? The “science” in science fiction sets limits on the story. I love science and studied it all my life, writing about science in a context of a story makes it more assessable to a wide audience of readers. I read science fiction voraciously as kid and still do now, I hope readers who chance on my stories will enjoy the subject matter as much as I do.
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Featured Book: The Hunted: The Fifth Force Series – Book One by Alice X

TheHunted_AliceXAbout The Hunted: The Fifth Force Series – Book One by Alice X

Just imagine… falling in love with a man

The same man who swore an oath to hunt down your kind

The same man who guards your prison cell

Then ask yourself… what would happen

If that man fell in love with you too?

It’s the year 2085 A.D… and a full-scale war has broken out between the witches and the witch hunters.

The government will not stop until the last witch has been captured and Cleansed of their powers.
And make no mistake… witch hunters are everywhere. The armed soldiers of the government’s Orion Task Force have orders to capture witches off the street and shoot those who try to flee.

And even if you evade the men with guns, you’re still not safe. Your closest friends and neighbors might be clandestine witch hunters… vigilantes who believe it’s their civic duty to turn witches in to the Task Force for punishment.

Ava Edwards is a witch on the run. Her powers were passed down to her from her father. Now her whole family is guilty of witchcraft unless they can prove their innocence to the Task Force’s satisfaction… which is not bloody likely!

Ava is captured and sits brooding in a tiny prison cell. Days of soul-crushing boredom and isolation are interrupted by random interrogation sessions… and encounters with The Machine, an unspeakably sadistic device that breaks the will of prisoners who dare lie to the Task Force.

Enter Thomas Madden. Interrogator. Zealous witch hunter. And the son of a high-ranking Task Force leader. Thomas is specially assigned to break Ava.

Despite their differences, a connection begins to form between prisoner and handler. Maybe it’s the way Thomas takes risks to spare Ava from punishment. Maybe it’s the kindness and decency that Ava senses beneath Thomas’s cold exterior. And perhaps Thomas secretly admire Ava’s unbreakable will and unsinkable devotion to her family.

Whatever the reason, an intense and passionate bond undeniably exists between them. And it yearns to be consummated with all the urgency and electric energy that comes with a new love that dare not speak its name!

But should Ava fully trust Thomas? Is his love for her sincere, or is he playing a deeper game? Has Ava fallen for a cunning young witch hunter who will use any insidious trick in the book to get her to betray her father?

There’s only one way to find out… start reading The Hunted by Alice X today!

This romance book is available in ebook format.

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The Harvest Trilogy (Anthology) by Michele E. Gwynn

Harvest-Trilogy-Box-Set-with-covers-on-spine-box-set-template-31-smaller-sizeA Horror/Sci-Fi trilogy inspired by a true event. MUFON Report #20633 relayed on November 21, 2009. This sighting was reported 14 years after the fact (sighting occurred on January 6, 1995 in Schertz, Texas). Why did it take so long? As author Michele E. Gwynn states, she was freaked out for all those years. Still, she was inspired to push past the experience and allow it to fuel her writer’s imagination for this chilling series, the last two tales of which take place in and near her hometown of Schertz. What better location to stage an alien invasion…

Harvest – A small town in Oklahoma is invaded overnight by beings not of this world, and they have a message for us all – CHANGE! And they mean it! Nearly every resident disappears leaving behind a bloody stain, a horrific shadow of their humanity. Feeling like the lone survivor to the apocalypse, Dave Forrester must solve the mystery, and fight to save the ones he loves.

Celluloss – A more than fifty year old government secret is out, and it’s angry! A military experiment gone wrong and covered up comes back to exact its revenge on the sleepy suburb of Schertz, Texas, a small city voted by Forbes Magazine as one of the top 40 places to retire. Meanwhile, a city-wide Wellness Program that keeps its citizens healthy might not be exactly what it seems. Everyone who takes the annual free vaccination is unnaturally robust, never getting sick, but the serum is changing them…

Census – The story reaches its epic finale in the next town over. Marion, Texas, population 3,700, is so small, if you blink driving through, you’ll miss it. One area business owner is awarded ‘Tastiest Meats in Town’ by the Chamber of Commerce. John Hester’s family-owned meat market is a staple in the region. Respected by the locals, he is above reproach. When he befriends new resident, retired 9/11 firefighter, Jack Callaghan, things get weird. Stranger still are the disappearing residents, unsolved cold cases Callaghan discovers as he and his wife try to settle in. When they begin receiving veiled threats from the Reverend Harcourt Cane warning them to leave, Jack must find a way to protect himself and his wife, and help the FBI solve the mystery of the fifty-years of federal Census that never budges..despite all the missing

Targeted Age Group:: 18+

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
A true event occurred for me on January 6, 1995; an actual UFO sighting in broad daylight that was later reported to MUFON (Mutual UFO Network). The sighting inspired the first book, (Harvest). I describe the entire event in the Forward. From there, the next two tales in the trilogy flowed. Since the sighting happened in my hometown, I kept the second and third books’ stories local as well. Yep, I had aliens invade my city and blow stuff up. It was fun. They still haven’t been able to sell the old Starlite Theater…but you’ll have to read about that in book two.

How is writing SciFi different from other genres?
Science fiction has no perceived boundaries except that the stories must have some basis of truth, some viable tether to reality. The more probable that I can make the story seem, the better the tale. If there is even a small possibility it could happen, well, that’s a terrifying seed that I’ve planted into the brains of my readers.
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THE FOURTH by Floyd Looney

J.The-fourthTara is “The Fourth”.

She woke up inside of a cylinder in an underground chamber with no memories. She is told that the world has been devastated by war, disease and mutations. Humankind had evacuated Earth and fled to hundreds of different worlds far away. A quarantine was declared, but this did not prevent pirates and slavers from raiding the villages of the remnant left behind.

Tara feels strangely compelled to “fix” Earth, knowing this could take decades and generations. She is “The Fourth”.

Greyson was born and raised as the only child of a high government official on the world called Roma, which modelled itself after the Roman Empire. The women of Roma are created artificially and have no rights. Thus, Roma is a pariah among civilized worlds.

As a young man Greyson is framed for a crime and his own father exiled him from his home world.

Tara wants to find out what it means to be “The Fourth” and to bring Earth back from the dead. Greyson wants to go home and clear his name. Their paths are destined to cross.

Targeted Age Group:: All

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
Dreams. I have sci-fi dreams and when I remember them, I try to write them down.

How is writing SciFi different from other genres?
Sci-Fi is easier for me, at least not hard science fiction. Probably because I live in my head more than in real life.
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The Alex Cave Series Book 1, Dead Energy by James M. Corkill

Dead-EnergyThe oil supplies along the west coast of the United States mysteriously start to vanish without a trace, and the only clue is a dollar size crystal, which appears to be alive.

In these action packed science fiction adventures, the series begins with Dead Energy, when geologist Alex Cave is on vacation sailing the waters of the Puget Sound and sees a brilliant flash of light on an oil tanker. When he hears a Mayday, he changes course to help, only to discover there was no explosion and no one onboard, even though all the lifeboats are still secured to the railings.

The next morning, the crew is found frozen on a mountain hundreds of miles inland. Even more unsettling, the tanker left Valdez, Alaska with a full load of heavy crude, but the oil has mysteriously vanished without a trace. He learns the same thing just happened to another tanker in Houston, Texas, and the oil in storage tanks of refineries along the west coast begins to vanish. Panic grips the nation when the lack of fuel keeps basic necessities from reaching the inner cities.

When he begins the investigation, his only clue is a dollar size crystal found in the hold of the empty tanker, which appears to be alive. The investigation leads him to the remnants of a spaceship at Area 51, and a descendent of the first humans to occupy this planet, 180 million years ago. He has no idea what he is about to discover will change the fate of civilization forever.

Can Alex and his friends find a solution for this dire situation? Find out in this epic adventure, by bestselling and award winning author, James M. Corkill.

Targeted Age Group:: 14 – 65+

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
The oil crisis in the 1990’s

How is writing SciFi different from other genres?
In science fiction, anything is possible.
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