Tesla’s Signal by L. Woodswalker

TESLAS-SIGNAL-kindleVisionary inventor Nikola Tesla has a unique affinity for electric current…he can visualize the unseen…he speaks with beings of light. In 1899, he receives a signal from space. When he meets the alien visitors, he finds their agenda not what he had expected. And they require his scientific expertise to further their aims.
Then things start to go wrong–and “mad scientist” Nikola is blamed. He and his brilliant colleague Clara must go on the run from alien captors and human authorities alike. They seek a refuge where they can develop their futuristic defenses against the “Martians”. Nikola must learn to tap into his cosmic abilities and face his own demons: his phobia of germs, touching and love. Eventually they must return to a devastated New York City, where they will face the alien invaders in the final battle for the fate of humanity.
“A classic-style SF novel which blends real history with weird gizmos, far-out space wonder, and hair-raising adventure.

Targeted Age Group:: All

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
The biography of visionary inventor Nikola Tesla was “a science fiction story that practically wrote itself.”


How is writing SciFi different from other genres?
You can transcend the limitations of reality as we know it!
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GR3T3L-1 (Good Tales For Bad Dreams #3) by V.M. Sawh

GR3T3L-1-Completed-cover-design-mod-2When they are stranded on the surface of a hostile alien world, two sentient robots H4NS3L-671, the military-minded combat drone, & GR3T3L-1, the advanced surveyor prototype, find themselves with neither memory nor mission.

With no resources and no one to count on but each other, the robots must learn to work together in order to endure the brutal landscape, unlock the mystery of their missing memories, and plan their own rescue, all before their power runs out.

What they don’t know is that the dangerous planet holds a terrible secret that could ruin their chances of ever escaping alive…

This is “Hansel & Gretel” told like never before. This is “GR3T3L-1.”

Targeted Age Group:: 16 – 55

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
This book is the next in the series of re-imagined fairytales called “Good Tales For Bad Dreams” . I wanted to put a science fiction on Hansel & Gretel and explore the concept of artificial intelligence, first contact and the socio-political implications of our growing use of technology on the battlefield, particularly as it pertains to new frontiers such as space exploration. I drew inspiration from many of the sci fi classics like “Alien”, “Blade Runner” and “Frankenstein”.

How is writing SciFi different from other genres?
Science fiction requires an inquisitive mind in order to examine concepts and their applications in great detail. Science is one of the fundamental building blocks of our knowledge and the driving force that helps us acquire, understand and apply new information about our world and our universe.
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A Loop in Time by Clark Graham

Time“We’re losing him!” came a frantic voice over the headset.
“I’m still here,” the pilot insisted.
“We’re losing–” the voice cut out and then there was silence.
“Control, do you read me? Control?” the pilot was panicking.
There was no answer. Suddenly flames burst out all around him. The last thing he remembered was reaching for the eject switch, before his thoughts devolved into an inky black void.

The mysterious pilot was brought into the military hospital unconscious. The base didn’t know who he was. Some thought he was an alien, some thought he was a Russian spy all because of the unknown, yet highly advanced airplane he was flying at the time of his crash.
When the pilot awakes, he has amnesia. He gradually gets his memory back only to find that he is not only in the wrong place, he is also in the wrong time

Targeted Age Group:: Adult

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I was listening to someone talk and they said something about going back in time. It started my imagination going and soon the nucleus of book started to form in my mind.

How is writing SciFi different from other genres?
It takes more research. When I wrote the Elvenshore fantasy series, I just sat down and wrote. While writing Sci-Fi I have to look things up to make sure what I’m writing is correct. I learn more writing Sci-Fi, but fantasy is a lot easier.
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Featured Book: The Locke Files by SD Tanner

TheLockeFilesA new SciFi thriller about biological warfare across time.

Jack Locke is an ex-Army Intelligence officer and investigator for the Maryland Police. When scientists learn how to extend life by five hundred years, the discovery opens the way for biological warfare. Jack uncovers what will happen in the future and must stop a war based on genetics that will change what makes us human.

The DNA series is an entertaining exploration into what could happen now scientists are unlocking the secrets of our DNA and learning how to manipulate the building blocks of humanity.

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Alawahea by Sara L Daigle

AlawaheaTamara Carrington always felt different. One event in high school left her wondering if maybe she really was a freak, although she’d managed to leave that experience in the past—buried deep in her psyche. With the arrival of the exchange students from the planet of Azelle to her college, Tamara’s long buried memories threaten to erupt. As Tamara’s emotions build and her friendship with the Azellians grows, so does the knowledge of secrets within her own family.

With the deterioration of her mother’s health, Tamara doesn’t know where to turn for answers or solace. What has her family been hiding? Why does she feel inexplicably drawn to the Azellians? What will happen if she unleashes her long-suppressed passion? Will she survive or even recognize herself afterwards? Wanting answers, yet being afraid of what she might find, Tamara wonders if it would be better to remain asleep.

Targeted Age Group:: 35-45

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
Life inspires me. So do personal growth, spiritual growth and questions that push the edges of my assumptions and belief systems. Put all that together and mix it up with a B.A. in cultural and linguistic anthropology, a keen interest in amateur astronomy, and a reading background of science fiction and fantasy, and you get…my book, which explores the culture clash between two different races of people and the potentials that open up when you start questioning your beliefs and assumptions.

How is writing SciFi different from other genres?
The scope for imagination is SO much greater. I take characters (and therefore myself) beyond events and experiences that typically happen in every day life. This opens me up to all kinds of possibilities that weren’t there before. I’ve always loved pushing the boundaries of my assumptions. What if aliens were real? What if psychic abilities did exist? What would happen if humans came into contact with psychic abilities? My imagination can run wild. The challenge, which I love, is making these “impossible” possibilities so real that readers can step into a completely different world where these things live for them. If, in the meantime, I can get the reader to question their assumptions about their lives, too, if only for a moment, I would have done what I set out to do.
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The Last of the Ageless by Traci Loudin

TheLastOfTheAgelessAfter the end of the world, every survivor chooses who to become… Victim? Or villain?
Three centuries ago, humans and aliens fought for control of the Earth, ending in an apocalyptic disaster…

Now, Dalan is a shapeshifter dedicated to preserving dying species by taking their forms. Korreth is a slave fleeing the army of mutants that enslaved him. Nyr is a killer turned pawn in a game none of them understand.

And in the shadows, a new threat rises—one that could end what little remains of civilization: The Last of the Ageless.

Targeted Age Group:: 16+

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
My influences in this book are a combination of Andre Norton’s 2250 A.D., K.A. Applegate’s Animorphs series, Edgar Rice Burroughs Pellucidar/Mars/Venus series, and more, I’m sure.

How is writing SciFi different from other genres?
I wouldn’t know how writing scifi is different from others, because I haven’t written in any others! I love scifi, and it’s also pretty much all I read as well.
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Featured Book: ALLIANCE by M.L. Callahan

alliance book cover

About ALLIANCE by M.L. Callahan

A NEW sci-fi adventure novel from bestselling author M.L. Callahan-

For centuries, aliens have waged a covert war for control of Earth using time travel as a weapon. A select group of humans become their soldiers, genetically modified pawns destined to be caught in the crossfire. But this time, the pawns have a plan of their own…and the fate of all mankind rests in their hands.

“Unique, intriguing and impossible to put down.” Maria S., Nerdy Girl Book Reviews

“I’ve never read anything like this. Callahan’s imagination is wild… This book has everything – action, adventure, danger, romance, a villain that makes me want to throw things, and really interesting aliens. I started reading and couldn’t stop.” K. Peters – RomCon

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Featured Book: Forsaken (Battle Born, Book 2) by Cyndi Friberg

forsaken book cover

About Forsaken (Battle Born, Book 2) by Cyndi Friberg

New Release!

Commander Kotto Tarr is sent to reopen Lunar 9, the Rodyte outpost nestled inside Earth’s moon. His crew resents him, the rebel leaders have chosen his ship as their headquarters, and a personal tragedy led to his promotion. But the exasperating tangle fades away when he meets Raina Solano. Challenged by her intelligence and fascinated by her spirit, he is instantly attracted to the feisty scientist.

Raina is “bio-streamed” to a spaceship against her will, and worse, her best friend Ashley set her up for the unwanted adventure. She’s met by a gorgeous alien who insists she’s his guest not his prisoner. He needs her to reestablish a self-contained food supply for Lunar 9. Undeniably curious, Raina soon learns that he won’t reveal the details unless she signs a 6 month contract.

Is 6 months on the moon too much to ask for the adventure of a lifetime? Raina’s scientific mind is more than ready for the unbelievable opportunity until she learns there’s an ulterior motive for her recruitment. A protein marker in her blood has identified Raina as a potential mate for the battle born and Commander Kotto himself is determined to claim her.

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Featured Bargain Book: The Great Symmetry by James Wells

The-Great-Symmetry-hi-res-from-KateAbout The Great Symmetry:

Classic science fiction from the great-grandson of H. G. Wells, on sale for a limited time –
Sale Price: $0.99. Save $2 – reduced from regular price of $2.99 – Limited Time Offer!

You hold the future of the human race in your hands. What will you decide?

Archaeologist Evan McElroy has made a discovery about a long-extinct alien race. But his corporate sponsor calculates that it can make huge gains if the new findings are kept completely secret. Step one of their plan is to kill the entire research team – starting with Evan.

As Evan flees for his life, his trajectory awakens a long-buried struggle. The Infoterrorists, who believe all ideas are screaming to be free, have been waiting for the right moment to take on the seven great families that control all of civilization. This could be their opportunity. Or, it could be time for millions to die.

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Featured Book: Davidia’s Seed by Michael Smart

davidas seed book cover

About Davidia’s Seed by Michael Smart

Following a calamitous space battle, a small damaged pod drifts amid the debris, a single individual aboard, clinging to the final moments of life. A ship, hidden behind a small orange and red hued moon while the battle raged, approaches the debris field, searching for items to salvage and discovers the pod.

The serendipitous encounter of two strangers in space spawns an extraordinary journey and a shared destiny neither could have imagined, which will decide the fate of two worlds on the brink of war.

A discerning and cautious General, aware of war’s devastation, seeks to avoid it. A ruling Governor, imprisoned by culture and tradition, is determined to pursue it. And a clandestine operative races against time in search of the key to prevent it.

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