Featured Book: The Johnson Project by Maggie Spence

TheJohnsonProjectAbout The Johnson Project by Maggie Spence

Only .99 from 4/21-4/28 – The Aqar virus has infected every female on the planet and left only one lasting consequence: Infertility. No more babies. The end of the human race is imminent until a renowned fertility specialist finds the cure but he’s not ready to let just anybody become a parent. Ted Johnson and his family have formed a team to decide which couples have earned the right to be called mommy and daddy. Their expectations are steep. Their motives are questioned. Their lives are threatened. The Johnsons never considered procreation a right, rather, a privilege. The world fights back.

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Flowers & Kittens: Dark, Weird Stories by Russell A Mebane

coversmallEight stories of speculative fiction. Eight DARK and WEIRD stories of speculative fiction. This cannot be stressed enough. There are kittens in this book, along with some ants, a shoveler, some roses, and a God, among other things. Religion, morality, love, environmentalism, and randomness are the main themes in this book.

Targeted Age Group:: 13+

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?

How is writing SciFi different from other genres?
It isn’t. You’re just testing the limits of believability. Are tentacle aliens believable? Depends on how you write it. How about a billionaire marrying a coke-head prostitute he’s only known for a week? Depends on how you write it. You’ll notice the last one is the plot for the movie “Pretty Woman”, a sci-fi cult classic. It certainly tested my limits on believability.
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Gray Panthers Earth’s Revenge by David Guenther

graypanthersearthsrevenge1The defenders of Earth, the Gray Panther Army saved the Earth from an invasion from the Libra Alliance on 6 January 2128. The jubilation was short lived as Earth’s defenders found out there was a second deadlier fleet that would arrive at Earth in about two years. The Gray Panther Army consisting of ancient veterans, who have been enhanced through nanite technology to once again be young men and women, are forced to expand their ranks to include even the young. The Gray Panthers enlist the services of Matt Andrews and his team of crack flyers “Matt’s Marauders.” Their mission; to fly captured fighters deep in enemy space from a captured raider to buy Earth time as defenses are built up and the fleet increased in anticipation for the looming invasion.

Targeted Age Group:: 17 to Adult

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
My love of military science fiction and having a story I just had to tell. This is the second book in the trilogy Gray Panthers.

How is writing SciFi different from other genres?
I love SciFi because it lets you use your imagination with your knowledge of science to write things no one else has.
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Squirrels & Puppies: Dark Morality Tales by Russell A Mebane

squirrelscoverA collection of short stories involving some puppies, a couple
squirrels, a kitty, a cyborg, some aliens, and some Black people. All of
them revolve around some moral theme and all of them involve something
or someone getting raped, killed, or tortured; but in a creative and
meaningful way. There are other people in the stories, too. Together
they’ll be exploring moral relativism. What is moral relativism? It’s a
bunch of good fun! That’s what it is!

Targeted Age Group:: 13+

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
Poverty and boredom.

How is writing SciFi different from other genres?
It isn’t. Your mind just goes to a different place. Two people walk into a room. In a romance novel, they fall in love. In erotica, they have sex. In an action novel, they fight. In sci-fi, one of them’s an alien. But it’s all still two people walking into a room.
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Featured Book: Scouts Out (Books I and II) by D. D. Loomis

space-sniper-finalfinalAbout Scouts Out (Books I and II) by D. D. Loomis

When Corporal Ian “Irish” Shannon is assigned to the Confederation’s Long Range Scouts (LRS), he joins in the struggle against forces from the alliance Hegemony. He and his team battle to drive the enemy from star systems under protection of the Confederation. His courage and fighting abilities are tested to their utmost, as he rises through the ranks of the LRS and beyond. Small unit skirmishes build to full-scale combat on planet surfaces, and serve as a counterpoint to violent conflict in space.

This SciFi book is available in these Formats: eBook

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A Few Things You’ll be Needing to Know by Gary Loffler

A-Few-Things-Youll-be-Needing-to-Know_coverFor ten-year-old Walker Viatori space travel was just another childhood notion until his Uncle Nathan returned from a Grand Tour of the Palindrome Trading Ring. The tales of this 240-year-long voyage stirred young Walker’s imagination and set him on his own path to the stars—a path requiring the exploration of his terraformed world and learning the skills needed to survive a trip to the stars.

Targeted Age Group:: YA to Adult

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
In the course of helping a friend write a book, I created a universe. Eventually it occurred to me that I could also write a book in that universe and so I did. There will eventually be at least three books with a collection of short stories to provide some background for the novels. Ideas briefly mentioned in the long form stories will be explored more deeply in the short stories.

How is writing SciFi different from other genres?
You write SciFi exactly the same as you write any other genre, you simply add scientific speculation. What happens to romance when you live to be five hundred years? How do you solve a locked room mystery when you have teleportation available? Writing about the future does mean that you have to imagine what will happen rather than interpret past events. Unlike fantasy writing where you can create your own set of rules, Science Fiction should be based on established theories.
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Reason for Existence by Richard Botelho

ReasonforExistence“David Jordan. Successful, intelligent, connected, and with a mission. Now at the center of a global crisis. Can he bring peace to the world and maintain his secret? Or will he fail and cost humans everything?”

Targeted Age Group:: 18-70

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
The category of science fiction needed a genre bender featuring thriller, romance, philosophy, and adventure combined into one novel. Reason for Existence is a return to classic science fiction novels which were not so formulaic and predictable. Reason for Existence is very original, unlike any other current science fiction novel.

How is writing SciFi different from other genres?
Science Fiction allows the author to dream more than any other genre.
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Featured Book: The Delegate Series by Cyndie Shaffstall

TheDelegateSeriesAbout The Delegate Series by Cyndie Shaffstall

On Sale for $1.99 for the entire series through April 16th!

Six Novel Set: Glyphs: The Scribe, Chaos: The Oracle, Amazon #1 Best Seller, Willows: The Creole, Seed Money: The Entrepreneur written by Cyndie Shaffstall; Neune: The Delegate written by Cyndie Shaffstall and Gary Loffler; and A Few Things You’ll Be Needing to Know written by Gary Loffler

This SciFi book is available in these Formats: eBook, Print

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Featured Book: The Hawk, or Other Worlds by A.J. Aaron

TheHawkOrOtherWorldsAbout The Hawk, or Other Worlds by A.J. Aaron

Kindle Countdown Deal $.99 4/8 – 4/15/2016

What’s in the box?

Dave never conformed where it was beneficial in life and paid the price. He realizes he should have listened to his parents, cared about his grades in high school, and conformed to become successful like his brother. Dave starts conforming and a mysterious, enticing, and exotic woman gives him a dream job.

Does it matter Dave doesn’t know what effect his job has on the world when he’s skyrocketing into the big time at $4,000 a day? A new lifestyle, interesting women, fancy clothes, and a supercar worth more than an average house all indicate to Dave he’s on the right path, yet something doesn’t seem right, even to ordinary Dave.

When Dave discovers the unthinkable ramifications his new job has on others and the world, does he continue or not? Will he save the world by doing his job well, or save the world by destroying his employer? Is conformance the way to personal success, or a path to world destruction? Can anyone make a choice when their own lives are affected? Would you conform to live 300 years long in perfect health with immense wealth, even if you were no longer you?

Can Dave even discern reality and make a suitable decision? Does he have a choice? Do you?

Look inside now and start reading this compact (approximately 43,000 words and 158 pages) science fiction mystery novel and decide for yourself.

This SciFi book is available in these Formats: eBook, Print

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Featured Book: THEM Invasion by M.D. Massey

them-invasionAbout THEM Invasion by M.D. Massey

Praise for THEM –

“…manages to blend everything I like about zombie novels, vampire hunting novels, dystopian fiction at large, the CW show Supernatural, and John Wayne westerns all in one beautiful, gore-infused shot. This series is a must read for horror enthusiasts and zombie fans alike.” ~ Fox Emm, ZombieApocalypse.net

Aidan “Scratch” Sullivan is a former Army Ranger and Afghanistan War vet trying to achieve some semblance of normalcy while he deals with the psychological after-effects of two combat tours in the ‘Stan.

But when the bombs fall and the dead walk, Scratch is forced to risk life and limb to rescue his aging parents before zombies overrun their quiet community. And to do it, he’ll need to traverse half the state of Texas while dealing with out-of-control military units, violent redneck looters, and all manner of evil things that go bump in the night…

If you’re a fan of the zombie apocalypse military genre, or if you love post-apocalyptic zombie fiction in general, then you’re sure to relish spending time killing Z’s with Scratch Sullivan. And fans of vampire apocalypse and Western horror books will also surely revel in the vampire hunting action in the Scratch Sullivan series.

THEM: Invasion is a paranormal take on the end of the world as we know it, post-apocalyptic Western, SHTF fiction at its gory best. Get your copy today and discover the twisted, dystopian, Southern-fried, post-apocalyptic world of Scratch Sullivan and THEM.

This SciFi book is available in these Formats: eBook, Print

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